Monday, April 4, 2011


I am sitting in England with a towel (turban style) on my freshly washed hair, enjoying that feeling of smoooth legs directly after shaving and moisturizing, and feeling clean and happy after my Amsterdam trip. What a whirlwind! It was a blur of meeting old friends and flmes, walking around the centre finding haunted spots, speaking with a very intellectual and interesting (this went hand in hand) tour guide, Bart who does Ghost Walks of Amsterdam.

As you do in Amsterdam, I got nice and highh, though this time it was with my boss. and surprisingly, it wasn't all that wierd, rather enjoyable actually. I should probably note, that I am not a pothead/stoner, and view marijuana and other plant based "drugs" as tools to be used in spiritual exercise. I use them quite rarely, perhaps two or three times a year. I believe it should be legalized. The Dutch have done a great job in regards to the legalization of prositution and marijuana.

I had my favorite type of session, which is a combonation of eating a hash brownie and smoking a pinner... Body and mindddd... the result is a mellowed out, happy, stoned little Kearstin who is ready for any and all universal experiences. And this was a good one, I was laying down and felt my entire body light up, along with all my main and secondary chakras..blast off! I did some TMO and a Global Love meditation, and it was the most effective it's ever been for me. as I was meditating I went inside mself and as able to see my pineal gland working its mysterious ways. I then viewed it as a grey/purple/indigo electormagnetic field that imploded on itself and then expanded righttttt out to connect with universal conscious. My whole body lit up like an Alexander Grey piece, and I was thumping in and out of my body...sort of like right before an OBE but more like I was riding waves, and without the pesky drumming noises. The only other time I've felt that is when my Boyfriend and I make love. I also got these great visuals of how the world can be when even a few choose love, and refuse to accept fear inside their hearts.I cried beasue it was so beautiful..that was also a "ho my gawwwd I am HIGHHHHH" moment. Nevertheless, a valuable one. I was also overcome with a feeling of pure sexual bliss, and when I meditated on my man, I orgasimed without any physical contact...hmm should figure out how to do that one more often!
Needlss to say this was a good session and I look forward to the next one, which will most likely be sometime this summer when I am back in the Heart of Holland.

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  1. Ahh keari i miss your openness in regards to things that are so taboo in society!! Apparently lady gaga can make herself orgasm with out any means of drugs or touching, all completely mental, perhaps look into that? haha

    i hope you are doing well, go take pictures with some british guards?
    miss you lots