Monday, April 11, 2011


God. Dam. Mercury. Retrograde...

OK Kearstin, deep breathes...It's fine, It's just that I am in a point where fluid communication and  electronics being reliable would be VERY helpful.
 For instance, I have been trying to load my Demo Reel up to my IMDb pro page and it has FAILED three times, due to my computer just DECIDING to shut down in the middle of nothing...then the internet connection randomly cutting off..and now its the third time..third times the charm! hopefully it works..Knock on wood (wheres my boyfriend when I need him...*ba dum dum chhhss*)? ...Annywa the dreaded retrograde began on March 30th, and will all be over by April 23rd.

Sooooo whayt can we do until our little ball of joy decides to stop careening itself backwards in space and begin rotating proerly again?
Well as Mercury retrograde tends. forcably discourage communication from the outside world, why notspend some time with the person we alllll love the,
-go through old papers and discard the ones you don't need
-Journal. this is goood reflective time.(aka.. its best not to talk to others)
- clean out your storage rooms/closets and get rid of excess junk!
-move furniture
-have vigorous, angry sex with your partner, and get out all that frustration.
-smash shit you don't need anymore (also to relieve frustration if you're like me and can't have sex for whatever reason)...but be CAREFUL not to hurt yourself or others..thats just bad karma
-whenever anything goes wrong..sigh loudly and mutter *Mercurryyyyyy* like you're scolding your cat (i always do this, and it helps)

HAPPY 11-11 by the is 11-04-11 sweet.

In other news... Prague was hot and humid today, anddddd Kendrick Ong made me a DELICOUS  meal of  Hummus, Baba Ghanouj, Tzatiki and, Lumi (spelling?) cheese...complete with naan bread..oh yeah, did i mention..he did it all from small feat, just to get the ingredients is a challenge.

Anyway, not much else to report, other then that I am fiendishly addicted to coffee at the moment. its a struggle for me, casue I'm actually struggling when someone asks me  Tea, or coffee? i know i should say tea, if you have it...i knowwww but coffee..your like that forbidden dark, rich, and get my adrenaline going like none other..oh...Coffeeee...mmmm cofffeee, you smell so good.

Love you all, 


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  1. Thanks for the reminder!!

    I've got some weird shit going on... I'm going to lay low with the communication then... hmmm hmmmmm

    only 11 more days until it's over..