Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Film's, Food Festivals & Ferral Ferrets. In that order.

Heyyy Alll!

Wow what a crazy  month I've had. Im currently experiencing a strange trend..I am working more as an artist then I have ever before in my life andddd even though the money isn't exactly pouring in..i've never been happier with the way my career is going. Weird huh, how you can be happy when you're doing what you love.

Lea, Dir. by JC Cader will be Screened  at Cannes this year
 So far 2011 has been a busy year for me. Since February, I have worked as an actress on six short films, and as a casting assistant on the ABC T.V series Missing, starring Ashley Judd and directed by Steve Shill (Dexter, Rome). I am performing in the Prague Fringe Festival this month, and playing in another short film directed by David West, this week. A filmed I co-starred in, (Lea, Directed by JC Cader) is being screened at the Cannes Film Festival in June. I am currently starring in a project entitled “Drammatical”, Directed by Michael Gimenz. This is a Portrait Documentary that will be screened at festivals across Europe this summer.

Pretty Sweet.
On another very important note (FOOD) I visited the Prague International Food Festival at ISP (international School of Prague) with my good friend Rose, and we had an absolute BLAST! we were both feeling a little err Rough from the night before and we toddled our way across prauge for the ultimate hang over cure...all you can eat genuine home cooked meals from all over the world.
Home Cooked Mealz is dericious
Basically, A bunch of families that had gotten together as a fundraising event for the school. All the moms (and dads) had slaved away cooking the typical cuisine from each of their countires, and They put on a HUGE event on the most beautiful day we have seen in Prague so far this year. The families got dressed up in their cultural clothing as well (the kids were sooo cute in their kimonos, Klompen and Dirdels!), and each country had their flag and a some info about the country. Here our our stops in order (we only got through about 1/3 of the tables)

1.) Japan- Roses students  had prepared some awesome Sushi for us and it was so freaking delicious
2.) Coffee Stand. Thank you Nescafe ;)
3.) India- Delicious Samosa's, Dahl, Butter Chicken and Pakoras mmmmm.
4.) Slovenia- Beautiful people, Beautiful food, Beautiful Country. Asparagus and Polenta with A buckwheat mushroom Salad and some deliiiccciouuus glazed ham. TO DIE FOR!
4.) Poland- Various Cakes, bigos, Cabbage rolls. Yummy yummy.
---By this time we were getting full, but there was still SO MUCH MORE. so we went on!---
5.) England (they had a flag with Kate and wills wedding picture in the middle CUTE)- Tea, Coffee and cakes :) perfect
6.) America- Chili Con Carne (vegetarian and beef!) Corn Bread, cookies, Sweet Tea,  and brownies :)
7.) Canada- Pancake breafkast :) Maple syrup included of course :)
8.)France- All sorts of Delicious ornate desserts :) I went for Isabellas Pear and Chocolate cake!! mmm.

those were the ones we got to, and there were so many more. But by that time, Rose and I were about to explode..so instead of toddling..we waddled out of the school and over to hradcanska To get some herbal Soaps...

On the way there we came across an abandonded ferret we named Fred. Poor Fred had clearly seen better days...The poor thing was shaking and crawling under cars, He had spots of fur missing and his tail was all matted. We tried to coax him out from under on of the cars. Eventually he came out but only to bolt across the parking lot with amazing speed and crash land in the bushes behind a chicken wire fence. Smart Fred.

Fred is a Beacon of Light for us all.

Rose and I decided it was our duty to go get a box and some food/water for him...and try to get him to a vet. when we came back though we couldn't find Fred. Rose made a valid point how she runs away too when people threaten to take her to the doctor.  However, we did see a spot where people had been leaving cat food and little dishes of water out for him. So we opened the Tuna, (we got it incase his mangy little butt couldn't chew anything), left the water and Rose will go to check up on him when shes there to teach English every week. That;s Very kind of you Rose. I'm sure our furry ferret friend thanks you for your effort and foodz. 

I am officially decicating this blog post to Fred and his Ferret Happiness. May you Be a beacon of light to all of us in these dark times Fred.

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