Sunday, May 22, 2011

I am a sexy minion of Darkness.

Kay, So I just finished yet another afternoon of frolicking through the sunny park, devouring souls and turning peaceful alchemists into evil blood sucking minions of darkness. Then I went for pizza. After that, I came home and passed out. After my Villian-nap, I watched an episode of "It's always Sunny in Philadelphia", thought about how bloated the pizza made me, then decided to write in my blog. That pretty much brings us up to speed.

I am a sexy evil minion

Corrupting unsuspecting members of society isn't simply a hobby, its my career. You see, I am an actor, and I have been cast to play a part ( Woo hoo, success!) This part is called "Darkness" and you can see me  performing in The Prague Fringe Festival. I play alongside Kendrick ong, Mel Rada, Jeff Fritz, Chris Tucker, Bethany Adams, Kyle and Paulina in Akanda production of "Alchemysta" From Friday may 27th-June 3 at Divadlo Kampa 22:00-23:00 more info Here Everyone gives a great performance and Kendrick and I  make a  Sexy-bad-ass evil minion-duo if I do say so myself.

Wasn't there supposed to be a rapture yesteterday?  I wish it would have come and taken all the Jesus Camp frea..errr I mean enthusiasts away.

Rose's Gigolo inaccuratley portrayed.
 Hers was Mocha
In other news,The sun is now in Gemini, My good friend Rose accidentally slept with a gigolo (awkward and true), Fred is no where to be found (I think he ran away to the canary islands), there are 13 agonizingly longg days until I land in Toronto and see my Wonderful boyfriend ( let the sex-capades being!), thena  week after I go see my mumsy (yayyy awesome food and comfort talks!!) anddddddddd My muscles are sore from repeatedly dive-rolling over an Ottoman in Kampa park yesterday. OH AND IT JUST BEGAN STORMING OUTSIDE...SCORE!!! Did I  mention that I was an actor and Im in a show next week?  you should come see me,  HERES THE INFO ON SHOW TIMES AND TICKETS

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