Sunday, June 19, 2011

There's No Place Like Home, Theres No Place Like Home, There's No Pleace Like Home...

There's no Place like Home!
So, after a few months abroad again, I find myself sitting cozily nestled in my own familiar bed, Sipping a bee-pollen and berry smoothie and writing in my blog :)...Ahhhhhh Such a nice feeling.
I haven't really spent any quality time At home Since I was 17, when I flew the coop to go to Holland. From that time forward I've been known in my circles as a flighty Globe trotter, taking off to the next place at any available opportunity. True It was only around Europe and  Canada, However those years have been full of life experience and growth... (and not of Weed those of you thinking  Amsterdam).

I'm pretty happy t back back, Familiarity  is nice! (Never thought id say that) and I love being able to go shopping for (cute!) shoes, dresses etc under 10$ and  buy veggie items without having to pull my hair out looking for them...

Angelina Wrona,
an amazing Canaidna artist!
Check her out!
I've learned a lot, yet so Little in the time away. I'm so grateful for my epxeriences so far, and all of the people I've met, interacted with and the few I've been lucky enough to keep as friends. I would like to extend a heartfelt Thank you to everyone I've come across for being my teachers.  Some lessons have been deep and brought me clairty, and other have been as simple as teaching me how to chug a litre of beer in under 10 seconds (thanks Prague), but all of them have enriched my life just by being part of it.

SO Cheers! Love to you all and until the next blog....Dont be silly, wrap your willy (thanks to Rose for that nugget of wisdom)

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Yes! It is a very special day for a a few reasons, they are including, but not limited to:
A.) there is a Partial Solar Eclipse
B.) I am moving out of my apartment
C.) This is the day the love of my life pushed his way naked, cold and screaming into this world :)

Happpyyyyy Birthday Aaron. I hope this year brings you all the opportunity you have been craving to manifest your desires :) I love you !

YES IT ISS YOUR BIRTHDAY BUCKIE BOOS! and its okay to be excited! yes it is. Oh shnookie bums!  is you gonna have cake? A shit load of chocolate cheesecake? with beer? Some hoegaarden and organgejuice? my wittle bugsyboo! What's that? nooo it's not a bad picture of you I think its marvellous and cute-sy  and it shows enthusiasm :) awwwww bookiessssssssss yooze is sooo specialllllll. 8D...please don't kill me for this ;)

Every Birthday boy should have his own happy birthday song, So here is yours Boo Boo.
Hey birthday Boy, tell me what you want.

 I'm sorry im not there to have hours and hours of  Birthday Sex with you like a good girflfriend should. However, I did hire a tasty little number to come over and fulfill all of your deepest, darkest desires...I think shes perfect for you in my absence ------------------>

If, for some reason you find that Tracey-May just doesn't do it for you ( She's a sexy girl, but I also realize how true and dedicated you are to me). Its okay I'll be there in a few days :)..Good things come to those who wait!!
Eat your hearts out ladies, this one is mine :)
Aaron, I love you for so many reasons.  you are so kind, loving, thoughtful, logical, open, giving, hardworking, determined, steadfast, patient, creative, wise, adaptable, understanding, sexy, handsome, gorgeous (inside and out),funny, personable, helpful and knowing, (see the rest  HERE) I could go on and on for ages... You have worked so hard in this life, and I've been prviledged enough to witness a transformation taking place inside of you ever since we began our journey. Just keep going babys, let your creativity loose and allow it to flow freely from you :) Have a greatttttttt Birthday and I will see you ina few days!
Love you xoxoxox,
Your Woooooman!