Monday, November 28, 2011

Windstorms, Kabuki Brush Sets, and a French Bulldog.

Whew,  So its been a while, but do I have some good stories..err, rambilings rather, for you...

Yesterday there was 149 km/hr windstorm in Calgary and pure pademonium broke out! you would have thought that the zombie apocalypse hit or something!  people were running and screaming, cops were blaring their sirens down the street, buses were crashing..and they shut down the ENTIRE downtown core. Sure, okay I get it.. a few wiundows fell out of buildings so you do need to  insure the general safety of the public..but Jeeeeeeessus people. This was definitley one of those days I should have called in sick... this story is petty cool though .

I love mashed potatoes!

 I thought July flew by fast... What happening to August, Septermber, October and November?!!! I'll tell you what happened..they hitched up their girly little skirts and ran by me screaming

I can't really even tell you what happened during those months.. except I remeber spending halloween all too quietly  laying at home in bed sleeping rather than being out wreaking havoc on a drunken sugar high  as has been my tradition most years. As the old folks say... "It's all too much  of a hazy blur for my decrepit mind to recall."

you're welcome!
I also went to the Volbeat concert here in town.. Old news I know but they were FUCKING PHENOMENAL LIVE!  except when Michael, the lead singer asked for all the hot girls in calgary to come up on stage, and  it seemed all the dragons,cows and bottom feeders managed to scramble onto the stage, meanwhile myself and the other two deecent looking chics got denied by security. *sigh*

What else has happened? oh yes I got a kick ass gig as  the makeup artists for NARS. I love this line, Francios Nars is freaking amazing, and his little side kick Marcel is adorable.  have a little look-see and comment below if anything catches your fancy. I love it all. From the magical brightening serum, to the famous multiple orgasm, I want it all over my boddyyyy. I am so pro-prime Nars. Its not even funny(face) anymore. I swear they put something in their makeup that soaks into your skin and comsumes your brain so that you are reprogrammed to want only NARS. Or, it could simply be the fact that their products are really, really really really good.

"I freakin rule"
I grabbed the kabuki brush set as soon as it came out!  Such a good buy. Many women adore it, and even more are confused as to its practical application. I, in my all knowing way, have forseen this, and done something about it. Come see me a Holt Renfrew Calgary, this Wednesday Nov 30th, and when you purchase this theatre inspired set, I will teach you it mysterious ways and give you gifts!

In other News, I'm having a pajama day and drikning some delicious hazelnut coffee. Mercury is in retrograde again, and I am feeling the effects even now as I write this blogs and bang my head in frustration on the keyboard. Also, Calgary Transit should get it's poop together and make sure there is service downtown during the week. Seriosuly this city is well over a million people now and just shutting down the main line into the downtown core is really not cool.

Marcel Says, Relax!

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